MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE (Rus) - support: Splitting Nails (HH)


MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE (Rus) - support: Splitting Nails (HH)
MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE (Rus) - support: Splitting Nails (HH)
Mi, 21. Februar 2018, 19:00 Uhr - 22:30 Uhr
Konzerte & Events
AK 14 € , VVK 10 €


Einlass: 19 h, Beginn: 20 h

VVK 10 €, AK 14 € - Tickets ab den 18.12.2017 hier erhältlich:  Shock Records, Kartenwerk, eventim.de, Westwerk

In February 2018 Moscow Death Brigade — a circle-pit hip-hop phenomenon from Russia - is coming back to Europe with the tour in support of their long-awaited new album “Boltcutter”.
The recording which is to be released in January 2018 by German label Fire And Flames is going to introduce the world to the next level of Circle Pit Hip-Hop: a mixture of ear shattering proportions with influences from Drum’n’Bass, Dancehall, Techno and Grime, energized by Hardcore-Punk attitude and layered with machine-gun Rap flow, lyrically exploring topical social issues and wrapped in the band’s unique style and tone. With the new record the ski-mask wearing and track-suit sporting gang sets a new standard of sound, blending together the atmosphere of the moshpit with a spirit of illegal rave parties and unleashing a beast powerful enough to break down the walls, borders and stereotypes.

Since 2014 MDB has been one of the most welcomed independent touring acts in the European punk, hardcore and social activist scenes playing more than one hundred shows and more than a dozen festivals all over the Europe. As it can be seen in the band’s numerous music videos and gig-reports MDB can easily turn any venue into a massive raging moshpit, full of stagedivers and crowdsurfers. The first album “Hoods Up” released by “Fire and Flames” traded places in Coretex Music store’s TOP 10 with the latest releases by bands such as Terror, Sick Of It All and Rancid.

One of the band’s Split EP’s was released on Audiolith Records with support from Lonsdale clothing brand and True Rebel Store and included European punk legends Los
Fastidios, Russian hardcore veterans What We Feel and ska/rock giants Feine Sahne Fischfilet.
MDB’s numerous music videos and gig footage have accumulated close to 3.5 million views on YouTube, with their hit-song "It's Us" hitting 1 million views in October 2017. The debut single from the new album - a Techno-Rap track “Brother & Sisterhood”, became an underground hit, ending up in Top 10 of German Lohro Radio in September, beating songs by such giants as Foo Fighters, Clawfinger and Chase & Status.

Initially created as a full-on DIY team back in 2007 MDB has its roots in Russian progressive social movements and graffiti underground scene - themes extensively explored within the band's lyrics and music videos that emphasize the band's strong position against racism, sexism, homophobia and war-mongering. The band backs its own message with actions - organizing or taking part in numerous charitable events and programs benefiting victims of neo-nazi attacks
and police brutality in Russia and across the world.

As Moscow Death Brigade moved from gigs in basements and abandoned buildings in Russia to the stages of big clubs and festivals all across Europe they have brought with them the bare-knuckle mentality of Eastern European street life combined with a positive social message.The ski-masks worn by MDB’s members have become a staple for the band’s stage image as can be seen in all music videos and during shows. This uniform adds a sense of mystery to the band and represents the roots of the collective such as graffiti and urban activism.

Don't miss the MDB gig in your area, jump in the pit and chant along the anthems of unity and equality to the circle pit hip-hop beats!